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Movie star caught up in contract dispute over jewelry

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2018 | Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can be an ongoing fact of life for many Texas businesses, but they can also embroil major celebrities. Movie star Sarah Jessica Parker is engaged in an ongoing legal dispute with a jewelry company that is accusing her of breaking an agreement to endorse the company’s products. Kate Florence Design has also accused the actress of refusing to return jewelry provided under the contract.

The former “Sex and the City” star allegedly agreed to license the use of her name and appearance for a line of jewelry. The line was under creation by Kate Florence Design. Parker would reportedly receive $7,500,000 in payment for the use of her image to market the jewelry line. However, the company says that Parker failed to live up to her contractual agreements, causing the line to fail. The celebrity is accused of refusing to engage in interviews about the product or make appearances to promote the jewelry. The company also alleged that the actress failed to return $150,000 in borrowed jewelry.

On the other hand, Parker filed a response to the contract litigation, saying that she had fulfilled her obligations until the company suddenly stopped paying her. She said that the quarterly payments were abruptly cut off in October 2016 and that the company blamed “new investors” for the failure to pay. In addition, she said that the jewelry continues to be promoted with her name and image despite the fact that the company has not paid her in years.

Parker also says that she noted her intent to file suit over the breach of contract but that the jewelry company raced to be the first to file litigation. Contract issues can be complicated and often difficult for outsiders to understand. A business and commercial law attorney can help a client resolve ongoing disputes and pursue litigation when necessary.


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