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How to evaluate a commercial real estate opportunity

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2018 | Commercial Real Estate

The details of a commercial real estate transaction can vary depending on the type of property purchased. For instance, the due diligence process for an industrial building may differ from the process surrounding the purchase of a multifamily home. How long it takes to complete may depend on where the property is located. Therefore, if the property is located in Texas, a buyer should look up permit and other requirements needed when evaluating a potential purchase.

An individual who wants to buy an industrial property may need to meet the environmental requirements set forth by a state. It will also be worth conducting an inspection of the building itself. This should be done by a professional who can check the roof, HVAC system and any other important components of the structure. It may also be a good idea to have a professional review any reports already created in an effort to determine if a building is worth purchasing.

Anyone who is considering buying a commercial property will also need to review it from an investment standpoint. This means looking at current cash flow, tax implications of owning the property and anything else that could have an impact on a potential return on investment. Ideally, such a review will occur with the guidance of an attorney or other relevant professionals.

Taking the due diligence process seriously may reduce the chances of real estate disputes. This is because it may be possible to find any problems such as liens or judgments pending involving a given property. Going through this process may also make it possible to determine the most appropriate source of financing for a purchase. Additionally, a comprehensive review of a transaction may allow a buyer to create a plan to obtain required permits promptly.


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