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Hitchcock waterfront property dispute continues

On Behalf of | May 28, 2019 | Commercial Real Estate

A dispute involving upscale waterfront development properties in Houston-Galveston is headed to court, according to the business owner at the heart of the clash.

Waterfront business owner Paul Leviner says the water in the marina is unsafe for boats due to lack of dredging, and that it is the Flamingo Isles Municipal Utility District’s responsibility to fix the problem. Leviner owns the commercial properties at Harborwalk in Hitchcock, which he declared shut down six months ago in light of the water issue – according to the Houston Chronicle.

Difficult harbor conditions lead to “closing” of Harborwalk

The Galveston County Daily News reported on Leviner’s closing of Harborwalk businesses last fall. Leviner says he met with the utility board about having the harbor dredged after several boats were unable to dock in the marina.

The utility board refused. In response, Leviner shut down the restaurant, boat launch and swimming pool by posting “Keep Out” signs and barricading entrances.

Jane McKenzie, president of the utility district board, told the Daily News that Leviner’s actions caused “a lot of confusion” in the area and that the utility was attempting to work with him on a solution.

Leviner responded, saying, “I just want them to follow the law, to dredge the canals and maintain the bulkheads like they’re supposed to and to not interfere with the running of a private business.”

Leviner purchased the Harborwalk commercial properties around April of 2018 with a plan to make it the premier location for those looking to dock on the mainland side of Galveston Bay.

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