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Employer-Employee Disputes

Dealing with labor or employment litigation issues can be a troubling endeavor.  You may be concerned about worsening your situation at work accidentally.  You may even be concerned that you could end up fired if you bring attention to a bad situation.  However, there are protective measures that you can take to ensure that you don’t have to keep suffering in a poor work situation in silence.

Employees like you can face a number of issues in the workplace.  Even though there are labor laws in place designed to fight against discrimination, aimless termination or other similar issues, that does not mean every employer will heed these laws. The legal issues you or your business may face include:

  •          Intellectual property infringement
  •          Title VII disputes
  •          Retaliatory discharge allegations
  •          Wrongful termination
  •          Discrimination in the workplace based on gender, race or age
  •          Sexual harassment
  •          Wage claims and unemployment
  •          Wage and hour disputes

These are all unfortunately common issues that you may run into while you are working.  There are other potential issues as well such as dealing with stock, trade secrets, executive compensation, severance agreements and much more.

Luckily, you may find that you only need mediation in order to negotiate an outcome between yourself and your employers.  However, there are some cases which end up being taken to court.

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