A History Of Success In Complex Litigation

The Jackson Law Firm Successfully Defends Trial Court Victory on Appeal

The litigation arose out of failed negotiations for an agency agreement designed to help the Jackson Law Firm’s client expand its international logistics operations into the United States. After negotiations failed, plaintiffs claimed they were owed a severance payment and reliance damages. When the Jackson Law Firm’s client rightfully refused to pay, plaintiffs filed suit in Harris County District Court.

Before the district court, Jackson Law Firm partner Scott Vastine argued that the documents submitted by plaintiffs did not evidence an enforceable contract; rather, those documents, including communications between the parties, showed that negotiations were ongoing, and that the parties never reached a final, binding agreement. The district court agreed with Vastine and ordered that plaintiffs take nothing on their claims.

On appeal, plaintiffs argued that the district court erred because there was at least a scintilla of evidence introduced to support each element of plaintiffs’ claims. In his brief, Vastine presented argument supporting the district court’s ruling. The appellate court agreed with Vastine, affirmed the district court’s judgment, and ordered plaintiffs to pay all appellate costs.

“It is gratifying to see the appellate court affirm the trial court’s ruling and finally put this matter to bed. It was an important win for our client, and we were honored to represent them from start to finish,” said Vastine.



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