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The importance of an enforceable contract

A contract is one of the most important tools a freelance professional or business owner in Houston has at his or her disposal. Contracts form the foundation of the relationship between a business and a client. When properly written, contracts provide clarity and eliminate a variety of problems that could potentially arise. By creating certainty, a company can spend its time delivering a quality product or service.

If a company or client breaches the terms of a contract, the document itself could spell out what the penalties are. If there is any confusion as to whether a contract has been breached, a written contract can serve as the starting point for negotiations. It can also obligate parties to go to mediation or present their case at an arbitration hearing before heading to court.

There are events that neither party to a contract could reasonably see coming. For instance, an earthquake or a flood could wipe out a server or otherwise make it impossible for a company to meet its contractual obligations. If necessary, a contract could pave the way to ending or cancelling a relationship between a professional and a client. It can also give vendors a way to end a relationship with another business.

If contract issues arise between two or more parties, it may be worthwhile to have an attorney review the contract. This might make it possible to determine if any party to the deal has breached the deal. An attorney may also assist in formal or informal actions to resolve any issues related to the breach.


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