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Does the fired Google memo writer have a wrongful discharge case?

You've heard the story. A Google software engineer recently made headlines by sending out a 10-page memo to other employees decrying the company's left-leaning bias and perpetuation of gender stereotypes as Google attempts to bring more women into tech and leadership roles. He argued that the company, a unit of Alphabet Inc., is hostile to conservative viewpoints and argued that the lack of women in leadership positions likely reflects biological differences instead of discrimination.

Company sued for wrongful termination by Harris County resident

When an employee does not agree with the actions taken by an employer, that employee could file a lawsuit claiming that they have been discriminated against in some way. Employment litigation is a common problem that many companies in Houston and Harris County face and often, they are forced to prove that an employee’s claims of sexual harassment or illegal treatment are untrue.

Man unable to prove he was protected by Texas employment rule

Sometimes a former employee will resort to dishonest methods to "get back" at a company for dismissing him or her. We hear of cases all the time about employees suing their former employers for sexual harassment, discrimination, and more. In other cases, the former employee can be found guilty of making up information and documents in an attempt to prove the company was in the wrong.

Former Starbucks manager sues for sexual harassment

It's always serious when an employee files a sexual harassment suit. Perhaps as often as not, people who feel they have been wrongfully terminated may attempt to get their former employers in trouble by making false allegations of discrimination. For this reason, juries and judges have an important job to discover which side is telling the truth: to either protect the employee who was wronged or the company that is being unfairly accused.

Firing of 'too attractive' assistant was not wrongful discharge

An Iowa dental assistant sued her former employer for wrongful termination after she was fired for what her boss said was being too attractive. In a case that went to the state's Supreme Court, the assistant claimed that she had done nothing wrong and her civil rights were violated, as the dentist's only basis for firing her was that she was a woman. Ultimately, the justices ruled that bosses can fire employees that they find too attractive and distracting.

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